5 Daily Habits That Destroy Carpets

5 Daily Habits That Destroy Carpets

Rugs are, without a doubt, a visual attraction that enhances the interior design of many homes. But, under the wrong circumstances, a rug can fall apart within a few years.

Carpet cleaning should not be a problem because there are cleaning solutions, in addition to very efficient professional carpet cleaning services, such as Momentum Carpet and Floor Care.

Without knowing it, we may have some daily habits that cause the carpets to wear out quickly and visibly. Therefore, to avoid more damage and exponential costs in the future, today we are going to talk to you about what habits you should get rid of if you want to keep your carpets for a long time.

Daily habits that destroy carpets

1. Step on the carpets with your shoes on

When we walk with our shoes on at home, we bring different types of dirt and particles from outside that can accumulate on the carpets and, over time, cause permanent damage. To limit the amount of exterior dirt that we transfer to the interior, take off your shoes when you enter your home and wear slippers that you only use indoors.

2. Do not vacuum

It doesn’t matter how good or bad a vacuum cleaner is if we don’t use it regularly. You may think that if you vacuum frequently you will ruin the carpets, but you will do the opposite. Vacuuming your carpets frequently will prolong their useful life because you will be eliminating the dust and particles that accumulate and can destroy them.

You should vacuum carpets at least twice a week, but in high-traffic areas, you should vacuum them up to four times a week.

3. Do not remove pet hair

Pet hair can damage carpet fabric. To remove them, the vacuum cleaner is also very useful, but it may not be enough and may leave some unruly strands. When the vacuum cleaner is not enough, with a squeegee, you can loosen the hairs which you can then vacuum.

4 . Do not clean up spills immediately

This is not the first time we have said, nor will it be the last, that spills and stains must be cleaned immediately because only then will we prevent the carpets from suffering irreparable damage. The longer we wait for it, the more difficult it will be to clean it. It’s also important to keep in mind that different carpet materials and types of stains require different cleaning methods, so you want to make sure you use the proper system.

5. Forgetting the importance of professional carpet cleaning

Even if you do not have any of the above habits, you should not forget that carpets must be professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year because the vacuum cleaner will not be enough to remove everything that a carpet and its fibers collect. Only in this way will you be guaranteeing its longest useful life.

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