Adorable Princess Costume Ideas for Your Little Royal Highness

Princess Costume


Welcome to a magical world where dreams come true and every little girl can become a royal highness with Princesses Costume! As parents, we understand the joy and excitement that dressing up as a princess brings to our daughters. Whether they’re inspired by classic Disney tales, beloved fairy tales, or real-life royalty, there’s something enchanting about donning a beautiful gown and sparkling tiara.

In this guide, we’ll explore a treasure trove of adorable princess costume ideas that are sure to delight your little royal highness. From timeless Disney princesses to beloved fairy tale characters and even historical figures, there’s a princess for every taste and imagination.

So, gather your tiaras and tulle, because we’re about to embark on a royal adventure filled with sparkle, elegance, and endless possibilities. Let’s make your daughter’s dreams of becoming a princess a reality with these enchanting costume ideas fit for royalty!

Classic Disney Princesses Costumes

  • Cinderella:
    • Costume Idea: A blue ball gown with sparkles, paired with glass slippers and a tiara. Optionally, a pumpkin carriage prop could be added to complete the transformation.
  • Snow White:
    • Costume Idea: A yellow and blue dress with a red bow headband, mimicking Snow White’s iconic attire. Red lipstick and a basket of apples can enhance the look.
  • Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”:
    • Costume Idea: A golden ball gown reminiscent of Belle’s iconic dress from the ballroom scene. Accessorize with a red rose and a book to capture Belle’s love for reading.
  • Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”:
    • Costume Idea: A mermaid tail or a green and purple dress to represent Ariel’s oceanic world. Red hair extensions or a wig and a seashell accessory can complete the look.
  • Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty”:
    • Costume Idea: A pink or blue gown adorned with gold accents, symbolizing Aurora’s royal heritage. A tiara with a rose motif and a spindle prop can add authenticity to the Disney Princess costumes.

These classic Disney princesses have captured the hearts of generations with their timeless tales of love, courage, and adventure. Dressing up as these iconic characters allows little girls to step into a world of enchantment and make-believe, where dreams really do come true.

Fairy Tale Princesses Costumes

  • Rapunzel from “Rapunzel” by the Brothers Grimm:
    • Costume Idea: A long, flowing purple dress with faux flowers intertwined in the hair. Optionally, add a braided wig or hair extensions to emulate Rapunzel’s famous golden locks.
  • Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin”:
    • Costume Idea: A turquoise harem pantsuit with gold trimmings, paired with a bejeweled headband or tiara. Complete the look with a magic lamp prop or a pet tiger plush toy.
  • Princess Fiona from “Shrek”:
    • Costume Idea: Two options: a green ogre dress for her ogre form or a traditional princess gown for her human form. Add green face paint and ogre ears for the ogre version, or a red wig and tiara for the human version.
  • Princess Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”:
    • Costume Idea: A green lily pad dress with a tiara and birthday themes accessories. Optionally, carry around a plush frog or a jar of “Tiana’s famous gumbo” as props.
  • Princess Buttercup from “The Princess Bride”:
    • Costume Idea: A simple medieval-style gown in pale blue or green, with a crown or circlet. Carry a bouquet of flowers and perhaps a prop sword to represent her adventurous spirit.

These fairy tale princesses offer a diverse range of characters and stories, allowing little girls to explore different worlds filled with magic, romance, and adventure. Dressing up as these iconic princesses not only ignites the imagination but also celebrates the timeless appeal of fairy tales in our hearts and minds.

Historical Princesses Costumes

  • Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth I):
    • Costume Idea: A Tudor-era gown in rich colors like red, gold, or royal blue, with intricate patterns and ruffled sleeves. Add a pearl necklace and a crown adorned with jewels to complete the royal look.
  • Princess Victoria (Queen Victoria):
    • Costume Idea: A Victorian-era dress in black or deep colors, with lace and satin detailing. Style hair in a bun or wear a wig with curls, and accessorize with a small crown or tiara.
  • Princess Diana:
    • Costume Idea: Recreate one of Diana’s iconic looks, such as her wedding dress or a glamorous evening gown. Add pearl jewelry and a tiara to capture her elegance and grace.
  • Princess Grace of Monaco:
    • Costume Idea: A chic 1950s-style gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt, reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s timeless fashion sense. Complete the look with gloves, a pearl necklace, and a tiara.
  • Princess Anastasia Romanov:
    • Costume Idea: A Russian-inspired dress with intricate embroidery and a fur-trimmed cape. Style hair in a bun or wear a wig with a tiara, and carry a Fabergé egg prop for added authenticity.

These historical princesses represent elegance, grace, and royalty from different periods in history. Dressing up as these iconic figures not only pays homage to their legacy but also allows little girls to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of the past, sparking curiosity and fascination with history and culture.

DIY Princess Costume Tips and Ideas

  • Use Old Clothes: Raid your closet or visit thrift stores to find clothing items that can be repurposed for the costume. Old dresses, skirts, blouses, and scarves can be transformed into a princess outfit with a little creativity.
  • Add Sparkle and Glitter: Enhance the costume with sparkly fabrics, sequins, glitter, and rhinestones to give it a royal touch. You can sew or glue these embellishments onto the clothing to create a dazzling effect.
  • Make a Tutu Skirt: Tutus are a staple of Disney Princesses Costumes. You can easily make one by tying strips of tulle or netting around an elastic waistband. Choose colors like pink, purple, or blue for a fairy tale-inspired look.
  • Craft a Tiara: Create a tiara using craft foam, cardboard, or even a headband. Cut out a crown shape, decorate it with jewels, and attach it to the headband using hot glue. Alternatively, use a plastic headband and glue on faux gemstones or beads to create a regal tiara.
  • Accessorize: Add accessories like gloves, jewelry, and a wand to complete the princess look. You can make a wand using a wooden dowel or stick, decorated with ribbons, glitter, and a star-shaped ornament at the top.
  • DIY Cape or Shawl: Make a cape or shawl using a piece of fabric like satin or velvet. You can sew or glue on decorative trim like lace or ribbon to add a touch of elegance.
  • Create a Royal Scepter: Craft a scepter using a wooden dowel or stick, decorated with a foam or cardboard shape at the top, such as a heart or a star. Paint it gold or silver and embellish it with gems or glitter for a royal finish.


Crafting a DIY princess costume for your little royal highness is not just about creating a costume—it’s about embarking on a magical journey filled with creativity, imagination, and love. As you gather fabrics, sparkles, and accessories to bring the costume to life, you’re not just making clothes; you’re crafting memories that will last a lifetime.

By following these DIY princess costume tips and ideas, you’ve empowered yourself to create a costume fit for royalty without breaking the bank. From repurposing old clothes to adding sparkles and crafting accessories, you’ve embraced the spirit of creativity and resourcefulness.

As your daughter twirls and plays in her homemade princess costume, she’s not just wearing a dress—she’s embodying the grace, elegance, and strength of the princesses she admires. And in doing so, she’s discovering her own inner princess, confident, beautiful, and capable of anything.

So, whether she’s ruling over a kingdom of stuffed animals, attending a royal ball in the living room, or simply playing make-believe in the backyard, know that your DIY princess costume has brought a little bit of magic into her world. And that, dear parents, is the true power of creativity and imagination.

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